How do you onboard new sales team members?

Author: Christina Bruce

How do you onboard new sales team members?

When we work with organisations, we commonly encounter salespeople who have had extensive product training. Most are very proficient in their products features and benefits and can confidently present (aka talk) about those features and benefits as much as their customers allow them to. Unfortunately, very few have had the same level of sales training.

For some reason, too many organisations believe that sales training is only needed when their teams’ results aren’t hitting the growth the company desires. They wait until there is a problem before they look to do something about it.

But what if there was a better approach?

According to a study by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in 2018 conducted by Censuswide in August 2018, companies that invest in sales training for their new hires see a significant increase in productivity. In fact, 94% of sales leaders reported that sales training during onboarding helped their reps achieve their targets faster. Wow, 94%!

By providing sales training during the onboarding process, new hires can quickly get up to speed on the company’s sales process, products and services, and sales best practices. This ensures that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to hit the ground running and start closing deals faster.

Additionally, sales training during onboarding helps new hires feel more confident and engaged in their role, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. In fact, the same ILM study also noted that 72% of sales leaders reported sales training during onboarding improved their new hires’ retention rates. This is likely because when new hires receive sales training during onboarding, they feel more supported and prepared in their role. No doubt, it also enables them to have more effective customer conversations that are underpinned by a desire to understand their customers problems more deeply and how their products and services solve those problems.

They are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed, which can increase their confidence and job satisfaction. This, in turn, can lead to higher retention rates and lower turnover costs for the company.

It also helps create a culture of continuous learning and development, which can have long-term benefits for both the company and its employees.

By providing new hires with comprehensive sales training, they can learn the skills and processes they need to succeed in their role more quickly. This can lead to faster ramp-up times and increased productivity, which benefits both the company and the new hire. In essence, only positive things come from investing early in your new hires and including sales training in that investment is likely to reap significant benefits all round.

Sellabilities® is not your typical sales training organisation. We are passionate sales professionals and we passionately believe selling is a profession. That’s why we are making two of our flagship programs available for direct purchase. If you are a Learning & Development professional, or a passionate sales professional/sales leader who has the skills to deliver sales training, then consider investing is our Selling Fundamentals and Pipeline Fundamentals programs for your team. Regardless of whether your team is big or small, our comprehensive facilitator packs provide you will all the information you need to run highly effective sales training yourself, at a time that suits you. Of course, if you want us to help you, we can do that too.

By owning these programs, you can easily include sales training in your onboarding process without needing significant budget for an external provider or needing a certain number of participants to make it worthwhile. You have the flexibility to run the workshops as many times as you want, to as many team members as you need.

Explore the Sellabilities® Selling Fundamentals program geared to equip teams with foundational selling skills to effectively execute, every time.

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