“I had an amazing overall experience working with Sellabilities®. From start to finish, Christina is professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. As a facilitator she is exceptionally skilled and demonstrated a deep understanding of the sales industry, which helped our teams gain valuable insights into the market and how to assist our target customers.

The delivery of content was engaging and interactive, making the training sessions enjoyable and easy to follow. Christina used a variety of teaching methods to ensure that everyone understood the concepts and could apply them in real-life situations. She provided practical exercises and case studies, which helped the team to solidify their individual understanding of the content.

Moreover, the content was highly relevant to our business needs, and the team was able to customise the training program to meet the specific businesses requirements. Sellabilities® take the time to understand our various businesses and industries we operate in and provided us with actionable strategies that could be implemented immediately to improve sales performance.

Overall, I would highly recommend Sellabilities® to anyone looking to enhance their sales teams skills and achieve sustainable growth. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering high-quality training make them a top choice for businesses of all sizes.”

David Gallagher, CEO, TR Pty Ltd

“It is without hesitation that I provide a testimonial for Sellabilities® Pty Ltd based on my experience working with them as our global sales training provider for the APAC, EMEA, and LATAM regions.

Sellabilities® Pty Ltd, led by Christina Bruce, has been a valued partner of ours for several years with a commitment to excellence and development of our sales teams and leaders.

They have been instrumental in enhancing our team’s selling skills and improving our understanding of the sales pipeline process. Through their training, we have continuously improved valuable selling techniques and understood the selling process to more effectively manage opportunity progression.

The development of stage criteria and building a greater understanding of how to utilise a weighted pipeline, has improved our teams use of our sales pipeline and in turn made it easier to coach team members as well as instil ongoing professional sales behaviours and subsequent results.

Sellabilities®‘ expertise and guidance have had a significant positive impact on our team’s skills and subsequent positive customer experience with strong outcomes based on insightful engagement.

I would highly recommend Sellabilities® Pty Ltd to any organization who are committed to the development and success of their team.

Nick Pintaric, International Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Director, Owens & Minor

“I have worked with Christina over the past eight years across two organisations and several teams, ranging from a 50+ business development team to smaller teams of 10 people. She has:

  • Provided training programs and coaching to help improve the sales and other business skills of our teams.
  • Supported the introduction of pipeline meetings and the adoption of active pipeline management processes and behaviours.
  • Run team building programs that helped improve team dynamics.

We have seen major benefits from our partnership with Christina:

  • We have better visibility of the health of our pipeline, improved forecasting and exceeded our targets with over $100M of opportunities and year-on-year growth.
  • We have improved our average deal time and been able to prioritise efforts on more attractive, higher-probability opportunities.
  • We have grown the teams’ sales skills and capabilities.”

Hun Gan, CEO, The University of Melbourne Genesis Ventures & Pre-Seed Fund

“Inside Edge Novated Leasing, provides a product, that has a level of complexity that requires a specific consultative approach and a skilful sales process. Christina Bruce from Sellabilities® has worked with all of our staff, not just our Sales staff, to develop an “Inside Edge” approach to our customer service. We have been delighted with the results and look forward to continuing our relationship with Sellabilities®.”

Andrew Kerr, Director – Sales & Marketing, Inside Edge Novated Leasing Pty Ltd

“Christina, through Sellabilities®, was engaged by myself and my CEO when we were seeking a ‘world class’ sales training partner. We had done due diligence on a number of reputable ‘sales training’ organisations and were convinced the best decision for us was to engage Christina after a very robust and thorough search process. As well as seeking a ‘world class’ sales training partner, we were also seeking someone who could apply real world sales management experience and was capable of communicating with all levels of personnel within our organisation. Christina built strong and credible relationships with our sales team very quickly and these relationships are sustained still. After the last 18 month, Christina has delivered a range of Miller Heiman Group programs very effectively. This has transformed the way our external sales teams go to market and engage with customers. Their selling results are a testament to the quality of the program content, the delivery, and coaching Christina has provided. In fact, Christina was so effective we have now engaged her for a series of ‘professional sales training’ programs with our internal sales team over the next 12 months.”

Dennis Banfield, General Manager, Tech Rentals Pty Ltd

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