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An interactive team workshop

Has anyone ever told you that you need to “Think out of the Box”?  It’s a phrase that is commonly used when people see us grappling with challenging situations or exhibiting signs that we are under pressure.

But without understanding what ‘The Box’ is, it’s really difficult to think outside of it.

The truth is, we all have an invisible thinking box that keeps us safe and helps us succeed.  It’s built on our past experiences and for most of the time, our invisible thinking box works perfectly fine.  Except when it doesn’t.

If you are experiencing challenging work situations – perhaps with your team, your manager, your knowledge, your skill, your motivation, your capacity or your relationships, then maybe your ‘in the box’ thinking is restricting you from finding a creative solution.

Let us deliver an out of the box learning experience for your organisation.

Are you looking for a creative way to challenge the status quo or inspire new thinking?
Join the hundreds of organizations around the world who have hired a Certified B❒X Facilitator to deliver a program that is unconventional and unique to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

The Benefits of a B❒X Delivery

❒  Makes for a fun and interactive team session, for any team size

❒  Scales easily from one-on-one coaching to keynotes of more than 1,000

❒  The physical nature of the B❐X transcends age, language and culture

❒  Delivered in more than 30 countries

❒  Delivered in more than 17 languages

❒  Fully customisable

❒  Virtual and Face to Face deliveries available

Scalable from 1 to 1,000

❒  Imagine using the same tool one day for executive coaching, and the next day for a conference of over 300 people. The B❒X is your new go-to for breaking out of unconscious barriers and enabling results of any scope and scale!

Participant Directed Change

❒  One size does not fit all… The B❒X process is not prescriptive in nature. No one is told what to think, or how to change. Instead, participants are led through a process of self-exploration of their thinking, and then create their own model for that new thinking that enables new possibilities and results.

The B❒X Speaks Any Language

❒  No workbook or materials to translate as The B❒X is language free. Instead of words, we use BOXY, a gender and culture neutral character, to bring the concepts to life.

Virtual and Hybrid Ready

❒  The B❒X creates a shared experience driven by a unique and meaningful physical artifact that deepens discussions and insights regardless of geolocation. It is easier to send a B❒X to a person than it is to send a person to a training room.

And (dare we say it) FUN!

❒  The B❒X uses a research based multi-sensory approach to activate both mind and body to generate new possibilities and create new habits that lead to improved results.

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