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“All things being equal, people buy from people they trust and who they believe can help them achieve their business and personal objectives.”

– Christina Bruce, Director, Sellabilities®

More about Selling Fundamentals™

Selling Fundamentals™ is a skills-based sales training program that enhances your team’s ability to have more effective customer conversations. It is a two-day workshop that you can customise to your teams selling environment, ensuring that the participants can apply the principles and skills immediately.

The workshop and support materials have been designed so you and your colleagues have got all the tools and information you need to run this workshop repeatedly, making it easy to run refresher programs and train new hires.

Additionally, because you will own the program there is no on-going fees payable and no need to bring in an external facilitator. This means you can train 1 or 100 participants when it suits you and your business needs.


  • You receive a fully developed Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint Presentation and Participant Workbook

  • Delivery options allowing for face-to-face, virtual or in a blended format

  • The Program content is suitable for salespeople in all industries and sectors

  • You own the program, so it allows for flexible scheduling to suit your teams’ requirements

  • Purchased once, and used repeatedly across your organisation as needed

  • Frees up your time from content creation

  • No commission is payable

Hear about the proven methodology

Products to transform your team

Selling Fundamentals Bundle

Selling Fundamentals™
Comprehensive Facilitator Pack

This pack contains everything you need to deliver a high-impact, two-day, face-to-face, virtual or blended learning experience for sales professionals. The Comprehensive Facilitator Pack comes complete with all the components you need to prepare and deliver the Selling Fundamentals workshop.

The Comprehensive Facilitator Pack Includes:

Facilitator Guide


PowerPoint Slides




  • The Selling Fundamentals™ Facilitator Guide – 1 x hardcopy

  • The Selling Fundamentals™ Facilitator Guide – link to softcopy

  • The Selling Fundamentals™ PowerPoint presentation slides – link to downloadable softcopy

  • The Selling Fundamentals™ Participant Workbook – 1 x hardcopy

  • The Selling Fundamentals™ Instructional Videos – link to 8 teaching videos


Add on: Participant Workbooks to run effective workshops